Slugs & Bugs has done it again. "Sing the Bible" will make you tap your feet, but even more, it will engage your heart. Don¹t miss the chance to enjoy this CD with your family! - Bob Goff, bestselling author of Love Does, president and founder of Restore International

"As you may know with children's music, sometimes one is about to crawl out of the skin when the kids ask to hear a certain album again. NOT SO with Slugs and Bugs. The brand of silliness they employ is perfect DNA match for mine, and in the production, they've stuffed absolutely PHENOMENAL playing. Stuart Duncan for crying out loud. Furthermore, the Jesus-songs are legitimately touching. Good stuff, indeed." - Don Chaffer (award winning singer/songwriter - Waterdeep)

“Goodgame, one of the best lyricists out there, has done something astonishing—he’s made a catchy, heartfelt, beautiful record that feels entirely original, and yet he’s using ancient words composed by the best writer there ever was. I can’t think of another collection of songs this joyful that has also made me cry in the car. Just like Narnia, Sing the Bible is at least as much for the grownups as it is for the kids.” - Andrew Peterson, (Acclaimed singer/songwriter and author of the award winning Wingfeather Saga)


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