Under Where?

by Randall Goodgame


Not only do the grandkids love it but my kids love the songs too, To hear them singing the songs and watching the smiles and laughs is the best recommendation I can give! - Donna St. Romain in Plano TX (

Your family will LOVE it, so just pick up a copy. Heck, pick up 4 or 5- they'll make great Christmas gifts. That's what I'm planning to do. - Memphis Mom (

Our family loves the Slugs and Bugs albums and this one is just as wonderful as the first two. Bought several as gifts. - D. Kristofferson (

We have loved the first Slugs and Bugs album for years and bought this one as soon as it came out. We loved it so much we also bought them for Christmas presents for all our nieces and nephews and various friends. It's really fun music, very catchy (my husband and I love to sing along too), and the one album we can almost all agree together that we want to listen to. Just go listen to the previews and you'll be hooked. I also have to put in a special plug for the song, "I'm adopted." It's a wonderful song for anyone but especially helpful for us as an adoptive family. Buy it; you won't be disappointed. - Douglas in Bloomington, IN (

LOVE this cd – LOVE all Slug and Bugs!!!! My 5 yo asks for it continually, my 3 yo walks around the house singing “Under Where?”, and my heart melts when I’m asked, “Mom, what does “capable of anger mean?”" THAT’s where the conversations start, where the heart is reached… when messy little kids (and their messy big parents) know that "God makes messy things beautiful."  - Leigh (