The Videos - Volume 1  By Randall Goodgame    BUY HERE

The Videos - Volume 1
By Randall Goodgame


Features songs from "Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies" and "Under Where?" 

We love this!! I have a 3 year old boy and we've been watching it constantly (although "Tractor, Tractor" is his FAV). Anyway, I wanted to encourage you.. we have a bunch of those "singing Bible" tapes from focus on the family and we listened to them once and my husband was like, "these are annoying, no more!" (and I agreed). He heard us listening to you guys yesterday and said, "buy their cds, right now! These guys are so awesome!" So there ya go, we bought the "under where?" CD! So excited!

- pkrismanits (


Video Track Listing:
01. Stop
02. The Postman
03. Who's Got The Ball
04. God Made Me
05. Bears
06. Chicken Wiggle
07. Tractor, Tractor
08. Tiger
09. Jesus Loves Me
10. Shepherd Dad
11. God Makes Messy Things Beautiful
12. I'm Adopted
13. Mexican Rhapsody
14. Where You Gonna Go
15. I Wanna Help
16. Dizzy
17. Ninja