Sing the Bible - Vol 1

by Randall Goodgame



I love this record. My kids love this record. We are listening to it together and I am listening to it on my own. I put it on first in the car and the song “Freedom” took me by such surprise that I started crying right there…with my kids…in the line to order coffee from the drive through. I could stand to hear these scriptures everyday for the rest of my life.
It also should be noted that the music on all the Slug and Bugs records is wonderful. S & B is the Pixar of kids music…it’s enjoyable and speaks to everyone. This is an album we will come back to for years to come. - C Whitler (

The African Children’s Choir sing with such joy!  Sally Lloyd-Jones’ British accent adds classy fun.  And Buddy Greene’s solo will inspire many a kiddo to ask Dad for a harmonica.  But the best part is that this is all Scripture.  Randall has selected some beautiful passages (and one about aliens) and put them to music in a way that honors both the holiness and accessibility of God’s word.  Every kid in my Sunday school class is getting a copy. - Karisa Clark (

I have given Sing the Bible to an elderly friend who lives in a nursing home, a widow in my bible study, a single teacher at our school, grandparents and many others… the Joy that leaps into your heart while listening is for ALL ages!  - Anna Loughridge (S&B Blog comment)