S&B & Lullabies

by Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson


The most excellent Children’s CD ever made! This CD is a lovely mix of beauty and quirky childlikeness that appeals to all, from the youngest to the oldest of listeners. A number of songs are easy enough for beginning talkers to sing along with, while adults can appreciate the funny things that kids say and think, and the deeper thoughts in the lullabies. You really cannot go wrong with this cd. - Mom in Germany (

My kids and I both love this CD. There are so many fun songs on it, and although we have only owned it for a few weeks, all of us have most of the songs memorized as it's constantly playing in the car per my kids request. I would highly recommend it for all families. Fun memorable songs with great beat/melody. - S. Searles (

...quality music for kids that parents can also enjoy. Even my husband and I enjoy this CD and can tolerate its replaying without getting tired of it. It's a great mix of upbeat, cute and quirky songs with lullabies for nap time or bed time. - Laura Caudill, Columbus, OH (