Thank you for considering Slugs & Bugs!  We consider it a high honor to partner with those in ministry to children and families, and if you are looking for something extremely silly and fun and somehow still deeply meaningful, Slugs & Bugs may indeed be a good fit for your goals.  

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Micah Watson

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How long is the concert?

about one hour

How big are your shows typically?

average 250-300, but there's a big spread.

Do you perform most in churches or in auditoriums, etc?

Mostly churches, school auditoriums, and school gym type rooms.

Do churches sell tickets to cover costs, or have you had shows where the churches cover the entire show out of their own budgets?

This happens about 50/50. If they do sell tickets, it's usually $5/person, or $5 per person/$20 per family

How much does it cost to get your show here?

The cost often varies because I try not to exclude a community just because they have limited resources.  There are also ways with ticket sales to structure a low fee. Basically, I'm passionate about serving families through Slugs & Bugs, and will try to make every opportunity work out!