We're so glad you're thinking about bringing a concert to your community!

It's truly a wonderful experience from this point forward. Slugs & Bugs has an incredible team that will surprise you with their love and care for you.  Micah Watson keeps the Slugs & Bugs schedule, so you'll connect with him first with no obligation, preliminary questions, and Laura Preston handles all the other administrative details. If you're new to concert booking, they will walk with you as you learn the ropes. If you've booked lots of concerts, you'll be pleasantly surprised by their generous spirits. 

What is the process?

Step 1 - Use this online form to contact Micah Watson with preliminary questions. (This does not obligate you in any way.)

Step 2 -  Work with Micah on the date and financial arrangements. 

Step 3 - Complete an offer form online to confirm your booking. 

Step 4 - Receive a contract and rider to sign and return.

Step 5 - Receive a link to downloadable promotional materials and begin preparing for Slugs and Bugs LIVE! Woohoo!