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You could say our mission is to write great, fun songs that celebrate the truth, beauty, freedom, and love of silliness that is so characteristic of children. But you could also say that we aim to write great, fun songs that help parents to remember how to be kids.  

Slugs & Bugs is for kids and parents.  Our children need to learn that life with Jesus is a life of joy and celebration, and we parents need to remember that very same thing.  Slugs & Bugs aims to provide a context for parents and kids to learn and remember together the joy of life in Christ, while also having a super-great time with silly songs about grizzly bears that don't wear underwear.

The Slugs & Bugs worldview rejects the compartmentalization of life into sacred and secular and declares with great (and silly) gusto that Christ is the head of all things.  He is the head of kite flying and river floating, ice fishing and sky diving, nap taking and diaper changing.

Our small hope is that kids will love the music and parents will too.  Our grand hope is that Slugs & Bugs kids would one day grow up and find it natural to remember Jesus in their homework, in their work, in their friendships and even in the parenting of our grandkids.


Slugs and Bugs Live is approximately 1 hour, with live music, animated video and background musical tracks that extend through all the songs.  The concert is geared toward boys and girls age 10 and under with fun interactive moments, and also teaching moments during the program. Some of the material is ridiculously silly, and some of it is deeply meaningful and gospel centered.  Slugs and Bugs Live is a wonderful time as you can see by the church staff testimonials below, and Randall leaves the kids (and maybe the parents!) with a deepening awareness of the presence of Jesus in their lives.


Thanks Randy for putting on a great show for all the local Slugs & Bugs groupies at Northbrook.  Our family has enjoyed the Slugs & Bugs music for years now, and it was a blessing to bring Randy to town so we could share Jesus exalting, fun filled, artistically gifted music with others!  No doubt the fan base has grown, and we look forward to another show in the future.  The kids are only wee little ones for so long...sigh.
Jason Kautz
Northbrook Baptist Church
Cedar Rapids, IA

Slugs & Bugs put a hundred smiles on the hearts of the kids in the audience. And their parents (and even older siblings) loved the concert, too. Randall Goodgame engaged the kids in such a fun and respectful way. God's love was all over this concert. It was just awesome to see. I can't recommend Randall Goodgame and Slugs & Bugs enough. If you know children who love music and need to be encouraged in the Lord (i.e. all children), then book a show. Randall will bless them. And you'll be glad.
Dave Bruno
Point Loma Nazerene University

Randall Goodgame rocks the house! We had a great time with Slugs and Bugs, and we're getting pumped about bringing him up to Brockton again soon. The folks who attended the concert loved the music, laughed aloud, sang along and came away a little bit more impressed with Jesus. God bless Randall Goodgame!
Steve Rahn
Pastor of Grace Church, Brockton, MA

"We had Randall perform Slugs and Bugs at Creation Northeast - and we just fell in love with him. He is so engaging and friendly. He makes a wonderful connection with the kids and families without being cheesy. And those songs are so catchy and singable. We loved that he was part of the Kids Stage at Creation and look forward to him joining us again."
Fred McNaughton
Creation Festival

I would like to personally thank Randall for his vision and for using his gifts to share Jesus with kids and families everywhere. I would also highly recommend that you invite him to bring A Slugs & Bugs show to your congregation…you won’t be disappointed!
Dedra Lewis
Director of Children
First Baptist Church
Vincennes, IN

"Slugs and Bugs is a family favorite! Whether we are driving in the car or dancing inside on a rainy day, we just can't stop listening to it over and over. As parents, we are selective about the things we allow our kids to listen to.  We appreciate that all the songs are appropriate, entertaining, and teach our kids at the same time! After singing and dancing to the songs, our kids leave encouraged and reminded that God made them (and the rest of creation) uniquely wonderful! We highly recommend this album to any family- it's a great gift of music to give another!"
Rev. Sean & Jill Martin
Sean is Senior Pastor @ Covenant Presbyterian Church The Barn
Jill is Director of Children's Ministry @ CPC The Barn
They are parents to 8 children who love Slugs and Bugs!

Dear Randall,  Thanks for coming to Greentree Community Church!  We feel so blessed! I knew you were a hit when you had third grade boys spinning like tops to the music and little girls spontaneously gathering in a circle to dance and skip. The lyrics are clever and funny and filled with truths about God. My husband bought the CD, Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies, for our 3 year old granddaughter who in one short week has memorized the songs. You rock!
Children's Ministry Director
Greentree Community Church
Kirkwood, MO

...Slugs & Bugs songs are so much fun and filled with such great truth!  I love what you do Randall! And I really would love to put another concert date on the Midtown calendar!!  Yee Haw!


Adrienne Williams

Midtown Fellowship

Director of Children’s Ministry

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